H M Coastguard ~ Donna Nook Station Officer: Chris The Station Officer’s role is to make sure the team is well trained and ready to respond. The SO works closely with the local SCOO (Senior Coastguard Operations Officer) who is a full time Coastguard. Deputy Station Officer: Keith Donna Nook’s very own football aficionado,  team managing skills come in handy on the pitch and also on the beach. Come on ref, that was never a free kick! Coastguard Rescue Officer: Mark He used to be the youngest member of the team, but those days are (very) long gone! Mark loves the beach, especially around Saltfleet and now he has a toy to play with in the sand. Coastguard Rescue Officer: Toby Many people see dredging along the bottom as being a bad thing but not for Captain Toby, for him it’s the day job. He brings loads of nautical knowledge to the team plus a few other things he finds while at sea! Coastguard Rescue Officer: Rob The ‘wild’ man of the team has changed his day job and has now gone global. If you want things to go south Rob is the man to talk to. Coastguard Rescue Officer: Mick Since Mick joined the team he has proved to be a great asset, especially if you want any holes digging! Mick likes golf and football, he plays one, watches the other and moans about both! Coastguard Rescue Officer: Mick Another Mick who joined the team recently and has now completed many hours of intensive training ready to for the role of CRO. Seriously, another Mick, you’re taking the mickey! Team Members Coastguard Rescue Officer: Sarah Sarah is our youngest team member, she trained alongside  Mick II. She combines being a student with work, training and responding to Coastguard incidents. Is this what they call a timeshare?