Home. H M Coastguard ~ Donna Nook   Station Officer: Chris
New protocols mean a change of name, all officers in
charge are now known as ‘Oscar’. Fair enough but a bit
confusing with 350 Oscars around the UK Coast? Deputy Station Officer: Keith
Donna Nook’s very own football aficionado,  team managing
skills come in handy on the pitch and also on the beach.
Come on ref, that was never a free kick! Coastguard Rescue Officer: Mark
He used to be the youngest member of the team, but
Toby now takes on that role. Mark loves the beach,
especially around Saltfleet and now he has a toy
to play with in the sand. Coastguard Rescue Officer: Toby
The youngest member of our team, Toby, is now signed off
and ready to role. Not sure if this is a record, he had his first
shout within hours of getting his pager?
Coastguard Rescue Officer: Rob
The ‘wild’ man of the team. Rob spends his work
days monitoring the local wildlife and has been spotted
on occasion sampling what the wildlife leave behind! Coastguard Rescue Officer: John
John likes his jump suits; green for the day job, blue
while out on the coast, we hope the colours never
run in the wash or there will be confusion! Coastguard Rescue Officer: Bev
Bev works in the travel industry which could be very handy if
we ever loose a coach load of tourist on our patch.
Sorry about the photo Bev, David Bailey wasn’t available.
Team Members
Coastguard Rescue Officer: Ian
Ian has recently signed up and training is already well
underway. We’ll soon have you converted to the dark-side
(insert evil laugh here!).